What do you pray for?

Funny title, right? Hang with me though…

Today’s run was the first run I’ve had that actually felt like I might be on the upswing of this injury.

I injured my knee in April running the Ragnar Trail Race right after my 3rd Marathon in New Orleans.

I stopped running, went to physical therapy, had dry needling, etc. You can probably do the math, it’s been about ten weeks and I’m still not better.

I love to run and I’ve done really well managing the mental aspect of not being able to run. However, lately I have decided to run once a week, slow and short distances, just for the mental relief that running brings me.

It still hurts and it’s discouraging if I think about it, but now I look forward to my once a week “therapy” and take it as slowly as I need.

Today as I was running, things felt differently and as I reached the distance where my knee usually starts hurting, it didn’t.

I was thinking, “This must be a miracle! God?!”

And my next thought? “Why haven’t I prayed about this?”

So now to tie it back to my title (thanks for hanging in there)

Isn’t it interesting what we pray about?

My mind started running around that thought. I pray for help when I’m stressed, when I am trying to get somewhere on time “God, please!”

I pray for his protection over my family, for his help with the direction of my life, I thank him for his blessings, and so on and so forth. So why haven’t I prayed to him for healing??

I feel at this point it would take a miracle to heal my knee! Unfortunately it seems like I’m at the end of my ropes before looking up, but I just hadn’t thought of praying about my injury!

I immediately began feeling the pull to not only pray about this and seek God’s healing powers, but to also share this testimony.

It goes hand in hand with what I feel my mission is:

To share my story with wreck-less abandon because someone is waiting for it.

So, my friends I ask you today – what have you been struggling with that you just can’t seem to make better? Have you prayed about it?

“…whatsoever you ask in his name, he will give it to you.” John 16:23


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