What do you pray for?

Funny title, right? Hang with me though... Today's run was the first run I've had that actually felt like I might be on the upswing of this injury.I injured my knee in April running the Ragnar Trail Race right after my 3rd Marathon in New Orleans. I stopped running, went to physical therapy, had dry... Continue Reading →


Positive Life Goals

Achieving a positive mindset is hard work. It takes continuous effort - but it also requires you to give yourself a break. Oh, and talk about it!

Eat Right. Feel Amazing

We are so quick to post how we are feeling on social media, looking for someone to relate, to help us feel better about ourselves. What if we took control of how we feel? What if I told you that if you Eat Right, you could Feel Amazing?

Join My Mission

Work from anywhere. Do what you love. Earn Money. Professional Health and Fitness Coaching Apprenticeship Program Set up an Interview below Sharing my story is something I am passionate about. You finding me isn’t a coincidence and I’m so excited that you did. Just a few months ago I walked away from Corporate America where... Continue Reading →

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