Why I love Fitness & Health

I love fitness and health. I haven’t always, but in the past ten years, I have developed a passion because of the way it makes me feel when I am healthy and fit. I love how it has helped me gain self-confidence. I love how I have energy and desire to go do ALL THE THINGS with my family. I love how it has stabilized my emotions and helped me be able to take on life’s challenges.

I began exercising in the gym of my first apartment. I had never “exercised” for health. I played sports in high-school and I was very competitive, but I had never done it for any other reason. After I began frequenting the gym to get ready for that bathing suit staring at me, I became curious about what I was eating. I didn’t want to fuel my body with things that wouldn’t help me as I tried to get better at “exercise” and not only look great in a bikini, but feel like I looked great.

I began with the nutrition lables at the grocery store. I didn’t understand what I was reading, so I opted for Lean Cuisines and Baked chips, “100 Calorie” snacks and fruit. I had to start somewhere, but I needed education.

After my boss saw my eagerness to learn about becoming healthy, he saw a way to show his appreciation for my accomplishments at work by giving me the best “bonus” he would’ve ever given me: he paid for me to begin a relationship working with a personal trainer. I began learning how to marry my two new-found interests that were health and fitness.

It wasn’t long after that until I began to feel a change inside. I began to see food as fuel and I had energy to start to run. This opened a whole new world for me. My running wasn’t great, but I was determined to get better. As I applied myself daily to learning and challenging myself, I noticed I had gained confidence. Not only as a runner, but as an individual. I was growing and becoming a better person. I noticed mental clarity and stability and I began to think, “What else can I do?”

Whether in the realm of fitness and health or in a completely new area of life, I had confidence, energy and ambition. I wanted to be better at things I had never even considered and suddenly I wanted to help others discover this empowerment. I developed limitless passion and drive that would change every decision I made. I was addicted.

Now ten years later that love is still burning – fueling me every day. I sought out like-minded people who I call my “tribe” and surround myself with those that I can learn and grow from every day.

One of my tribes that welcomed me with open arms and supported everything I believe in is GetFit21 This program encompasses the same approach that I have taken, backed by Scientist and doctors and armed with products found in the Physicians’ Desk Reference Guide! I joined immediately to follow the plan they drew out, applied every aspect, believed in it, and I achieved amazing results! This plan paves the way to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Anyone can choose fitness and health by following this plan to help get you there.

I am so passionate about fitness & health and #GetFit21 gives me a platform where I can help share tools to help achieve a healthy lifestyle. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to increase my knowledge and become a Certified Coach with GetFit21 so that I can begin to really help others turn their lives around. I enjoy coaching, educating and being an accountability partner for anyone ready to make a lifestyle change.

Do you want a healthier lifestyle? Do you want more energy to take advantage of all that this life has to offer? You are given one body – are you ready to get everything you can out of yours? I am here to help you, guide you and teach you how to change your life. All it takes is one small success to form a habit.

Send me an email – I am here to help.

Brooke Ruckdeschel


Stay thirsty for life 


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