(n.) the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.

Saturday I landed myself back at the doctor with a positive result for strep throat. Just 17 days after having strep before and just 5 week’s after a positive flu test.

My body is telling me to stop.

When I caught the flu, I was two weeks out from my #RNR #NOLA Marathon. I felt better after one week on the antibiotics, (yes, I finished them) and so I ran the race.

There’s more than meets the eye.

After a “fun” celebration in New Orleans post Marathon, I came back to Atlanta and caught strep throat that same week.

In addition to the physical stress I have put on my body, I’ve been working through other stressful situations that took their toll.

I’m awake.

After one amazing door opened up for me, I’m able to eliminate a stressful environment. However, the celebrations for New Beginnings did not help, in fact, they landed me back at the doctor, Saturday, with Strep Throat.

Turning point.

After a steroid shot and another round of antibiotics, I’m on the mend. If I fall ill again, they’ll send me to an ENT and/or do blood work. It’s just the perfect storm. A wake up call. A moment in life, an opportunity, to step back and gain perspective.

I’m taking 10 days off to reset and a fresh approach to fitness & health.

New routines include morning, afternoon and evening meditation. Detoxification of my mind and body in every way. Replenishing my body with unlimited water, nourishing it with rich foods and rest. Including Healing baths, Yoga, Live cultures, Vitamins and Whole Foods.

Changing my focus.

It’s time to focus on appreciation. Remove the toxins both in my mind and my body. Reconnect to God and become in tune with my heart and soul.



2 thoughts on “Metanoia

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    1. Thank you sis!! It’s raw and makes me vulnerable, just like my immune system. If you want change, make yourself uncomfortable. Stop covering things up. Shine a bright light on yourself. Xoxo


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