What Are You Running From?

“What are you running from? Old age? It will catch you!”

As humorous as it is, my friend asked me this very question this morning after my 7 mile run, making it 29 miles for the week so far. I guess it is hard to fathom why someone would get up at 4:40am and run in 40 -ish degree weather most days of the week. 🙂

I am also encroaching upon my 30th birthday, so it made sense to throw in the age card. So, it made me laugh, but it also made me think: What am I running from?

In addition to training for my 3rd & 4th #Marathons #RNRNOLA (Rock n Roll New Orleans) & #Chicagomarathon on March 4 and Oct. 7, 2018, I am running for me.

I’m running from stress, anxiety, a sedentary lifestyle, self-doubt. I’m running to better myself, push myself, prove myself, enjoy myself and love myself.

When I am running, I sort things out. The sound of music or chatter with a group run, the sound of feet pounding the pavement and breathing in and out. That is what I love.

My breathing syncs up with my legs and my body is allowed to go on auto pilot. I am free to think, dream, accept, plan or just remember.

Running makes my schedule doable, my to-do list obtainable, my concerns manageable and my life much more enjoyable.

Life as a runner is a better life for me. I am running into my future, from anything holding me back, and to better myself; for myself, my family and my future.

Why do you run?




2 thoughts on “What Are You Running From?

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  1. When I saw the title of your blog posting my visceral reaction was, “I don’t run from anything.” Now that’s not to say I may not stay firmly planted in a stationary position, stubbornly resistant to going forward or backward. I do have a tendency to be overly contemplative on many things. Didn’t someone very wise once say though that no action is action in itself? Well they should have. You mention approaching 30. Well I can say that as I approach 50, with nearly 20 of those years as a runner, things which once motivated me to run have transcended into something incredibly more meaningful in my life.

    When first pushed (yes, pushed) back into running by friends some 20 years ago, I was a pudgy, social smoking, mostly non-physical man in his early 30’s. I had run in high school, but didn’t remember it as something enjoyable. However, if these bozo’s (sorry, friends) thought they could run a 10k then the challenge had been made and I accepted. I started to run.

    That first race lead to a few more which lead me to my first marathon. Again I didn’t all at once fall in love with running again. I recall dreading the training, dreading the races, dreading all the soreness and cramps and blisters that came along as part of this sadistic package. Yet something kept me coming back. Something kept me rising early during the week and on weekends to go out and run. I wasn’t running from anything… I was running towards something.

    At the end of every run whether training or racing, came this incredible sense of accomplishment. I felt good about what I had just done; what I had pushed myself to do, what I had finished. That feeling never became less, never diminished. In fact, it only grew stronger. I was running towards feeling stronger. I was running towards feeling fit. I was running towards enjoying that cheeseburger without guilt. I was running towards having the energy to keep up with my kids. I was running towards happiness.

    And for me that was it. Whether it’s psychological or physiological. Whether endorphins are released and like an addict I’ve become hooked and need my fix frequently. Whether I’m just narcissistic and like that I’m not carrying any extra weight around my butt or gut. I get up early so that my time doesn’t take time away from my family. If something is important you find time for it, period. I get up early each and every day to hit the road, or the treadmill, or the pool, or weights because it makes me happy. I think that’s the very best reason of all.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts as a runner, and good luck at #RNRNOLA!

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